Serban Ionescu: A Crowded Room

Larrie is delighted to present A Crowded Room, a solo exhibition by Serban Ionescu, on view May 4th through June 17. A Crowded Room features an immersive installation created specifically for the gallery space. Upon entering this tunnel-like structure, viewers are transported into a moody, surrealistic environment inhabited by a crowded selection of Ionescu’s objects, drawings and biomorphic sculptures, as well as animations made in collaboration with animator Narek Gevorgian. In these close quarters, Ionescu’s works create their own bizarre logic that is both cinematic and absurd. Ionescu’s works result from experimental rigor and joyful accident and are infused with an element of the uncanny. A cinephile, Ionescu draws from a wide-ranging scope of reference including film, everyday American entertainment, manufactured architectural materials, and cartoon strips.