Sean-Kierre Lyons @ NADA Miami 2021

December 1 – December 4, 2021

Larrie is pleased to present Sean-Kierre Lyons at NADA’s new Curated Spotlight section, curated by Ebony L. Haynes. Larre will exhibit five new pieces from their Cracker Flag series in Booth 8.03.

In this series, Lyons reenvisions American and colonial flags that were either historically rooted in white-supremacist beliefs, or, have been co-opted over time by far-right and conservative movements for their own racist, xenophobic, and transphobic agendas. Cast by Lyons on a bed of saltine crackers encased with resin, Lyons’ Cracker Flag series speaks to the shapeshifting meanings of these flags and the evolution of the term “cracker,” in a tongue-in-cheek mockery of the sentiments of nationalism, patriotic mythos, and of supremacist megalomaniac delusion, past and present.

Included in this new series: Blue Lives Matter / Punisher icon (c.2020), American Flag (1960, 50-star version), English Flag (traced back to the Middle Ages), first Mississippi Flag (1861-1865), “NOLI ME TANGERE” (Touch Me Not) Flag (approved by the Alabama Secession Convention in 1861 and only flown for a month).