Olivia Vigo: Information Rich

December 10 – January 22, 2021

Larrie is pleased to present Information Rich, Olivia Vigo’s first solo exhibition, opening Friday December 10th. The exhibition depicts a fractured family through an upholstered landscape of salvaged architectural parts, extracted from a home sundered by divorce. Each sculpture, spun out of a revisited memory, comes as a site of repair that uses disparate found materials to retell departures of personal possessions that have been negotiated or abandoned due to the settlement. The physical separation of furniture, heirlooms, assets, and loss is inherent to the re-built environment and Vigo’s practice wfhich places traditional craft into dialogue with design and decorative arts.

In Maybe I’m Too Emotional, the object of the daybed draws viewers into the suspended space of heartbreak by juxtaposing the intricacy and intimacy of quilting with a modern sensibility. Trade School 1 and 2 welds sensitivity and ornament to functionality, binding them together in a material union that nevertheless remains unsettled. Observing the differently stored belongings of two unseen figures, the short film Does storage have reason? emphasizes the intrinsically conflicted nature of indefinite preservation. Quietly moribund, the video gestures to the contradictory quality of attempting to sustain memories by displacing them from the very contexts that have afforded them meaning.

Vigo consistently questions the possibility of regeneration over permanence. Information Rich recognizes that adornment never quite subsumes structures or broken relationships.