Alicia Mersy: Your Ability to Touch is Limitless

December 15 – February 7, 2020

Your Ability to Touch is Limitless is an immersive exhibition of Mersy’s photographs, sculptures and interactive video works including Auric Oasis Lounge created during her recent Arts + Technology Residency at Pioneer Works.

Through her transmutation of various forms of media, Mersy demonstrates the inexhaustible desire to create a world in which viewers can apply the wisdom of the teachings found in the narrative of her subjects. In doing so, she reclaims the dialogue surrounding healing from watered-down capitalist-friendly cries for “self care,” molding it into an exploration of wholeness through collective individual alignment.

In a playful, Y2K aesthetic of techno-utopianism, Mersy’s works are a densely-connected union of the visual weave of everyday experience, the stylistic expressions of her subjects, and the intricacies of cosmic design. Mersy insures to get to know her subjects in a sincere way before photographing or filming them. Thereby asking herself what it would mean if a still or moving image was fully capable of communicating the texture of a moment instead of enforcing a narrative onto its central figure. Drawn to her work’s nuanced design and exploration of solitary integration, viewers encounter the diverse perspectives of the teachings of her subjects through their own barometer of personal curiosity.