Larrie invites you to Doctor’s Hours, a new installation and exhibition of glass works and drawings by Doreen Garner opening on May 21 – June 18.

Doreen Garner’s practice is committed to revealing medical histories and fortifying the significance of womanhood — all while challenging the imposed dichotomy of beauty vs. the grotesque. Doctor’s Hours illustrates these artistic impulses through 3-dimensional works, drawings and a tattoo parlor embedded in the exhibition. Garner’s rapidly developing tattoo practice is an inoculation for the –ism and a deeply personal process reflected in her own experiences with body modification.

With needle and ink as treatment, and authentic interaction as cure, patients will have access to a collection of books that inform much of Garner’s work including, Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington, Victoria Pitts’ In The Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification and The Sick Rose, a compendium of medical illustrations from the 19th Century. Housed in waiting area appropriately named The Operating Room (Larrie’s posterior space), these volumes are available for purchase and inspiration. Doreen Garner is not a doctor, but she plays one on the skin.