Larrie invites you to Thank God For Abortion, a symposium, prayer campaign and shop centered around reproductive justice by artist and advocate Viva Ruiz opening on May 11, 2017. Thank God For Abortion will run May 11 – May 18 and reconvene in July.

During the week, Ruiz will be joined by guests to present two conversations, a new installation and Thank God for Abortion items will be available for purchase. 20% of the proceeds will be allocated to Planned Parenthood.

May 11, 8pm
Is Abortion a Societal and Spiritual Good? Yes

+Abigail DeAtley (Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund)
+Reverend Moshay Moses (Metropolitan Community Church of New York / Housing Works Inc.)
+Wazina Zondon (proud sexuality educator reclaiming radical Islam)
+Rainy Orteca (abortion clinic escort / ACT UP New York)
+Viva Ruiz (Thank God For Abortion)

May 18, 8pm
Abortion and Reproductive Justice in a Non-Binary Reality

+Di Tourjée (Broadly)
+Callie Beusman (Broadly)
+Bryan Ellicott (Vote Pro Choice)
+Javier Nuñez-Céspedes (Clinical outreach for sexual and reproductive health services Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund)
+Viva Ruiz (Thank God For Abortion)


In 2013, The United Nations Committee Against Torture classified lack of access to abortion as a form of torture. The social and political stigmas attached to abortion are a direct pathway to justify legislating this torture. Started in 2015, Thank God For Abortion is an unapologetic message with the sole intent of shifting public opinion around abortion, a topic riddled with narratives of trauma, secrecy and shame.

Thank God For Abortion is a response to the increased closing of women’s clinics, the legal road blocks and political red tape placed upon many states’ few remaining clinics and the strong-armed approach of the Trump administration to defund Planned Parenthood. These policies have dismantled access to our fundamental right to reproductive health care, especially for poor women, transgender and gender nonconforming people of color.

Wearing this message and sharing on social media with the hashtag #thankgdodforabortion sparks conversations and by disrupting the prevailing apology and sin narrative can expose and transform both overt and covert attitudes. Thank God for Abortion serves as a cultural acupuncture needle, sinking into deeply calcified prejudices that pervade communities and identities to expose core attitudes of condemnation that allows femicide to continue as the status quo.


Thank God for Abortion is the creation of Viva Ruiz, a first-generation Ecuadorian-American artist and activist living and working in New York City. Ruiz creates political works under the moniker, Chocolatina Actions. Thank God for Abortion is an evolving project, Ruiz has begun creating and performing music as audio component to the existing visual for a multimedia attack.